A quick drying heavy bodied liquid compound. Used to seal pinhole leaks on gravel roofs without removing gravel. Used to resaturate and seal asphalt surfaces in hard to reach areas such as under mechanical equipment. Depending upon application material will dry to touch in 3-4 hours and will cure in 24 hours.


94af bulldog red cement

BULLDOG Red Cement is a dark red colored heavy duty asphalt mastic with fast drying properties. Used in pointing around copper and brick work, and for slate roof repairs. Often used in historical restoration where a red brick colored mastic is desired.


A fibered coal tar coating enhanced by penetrants that help it rejuvenate badly deteriorating coal tar roofs. Part of this compound soaks into dried out roofing felts and part of it remains on the surface to provide water/weather-proof protection.

Meets Federal Specification *SS-C-540-B.

*This material is asbestos free.


#96 BULLDOG® TSC Thermoplastic Surfacing Compound

BULLDOG TSC Thermoplastic Surfacing Compound is a roof maintenance coating designed for use over both asphalt and coal tar roofs. This product is designed for use as a protective coating and waterproofing coating over a variety of roof surfaces. This coating is manufactured with a select blend of asphalt, refined coal tar pitch, aromatic solvents and thermoplastic polymers. Often used as a resufacing product over existing asphalt coal tar roofs to extend the life of the in place roof while eliminating the need for roof removal.

#404 Bulldog QuikBond Insulation Adhesive